How we work

Our team of experienced international managers and human resources professionals takes a personal development approach, with a strong focus on coaching students to define their career challenges and create their own easy-to-implement solutions. We tailor the content and the structure of our workshops to the profiles of the students with whom we are working, whether they are undergraduate, graduate or executive and whatever their area of study.

Our particular expertise lies in:

  • tried and tested teaching methods
  • tools developed specifically for graduates
  • substantial experience in recruitment decisions with multinationals and blue-chip companies
  • incorporation of new employment trends and requirements into our materials
  • a personalized approach

We combine traditional teaching methods integrating real case studies, peer feedback and role play, with more innovative techniques such as Forum Theatre, involving audience participation to assist the role players on stage and change the outcome of the situation. These mixed methods ensure a rich and pertinent learning experience for participants. We offer a combination of plenary, small group and individual sessions within the same module to ensure complete acquisition of the concepts.

Pedagogical approach

Using objective criteria, we provide personalized feedback to each participant and also offer guidelines for individual career progress, taking care to reinforce any specific messages developed by the career centers. This pedagogical approach has generated high student evaluations, particularly from MBA students with whom we work extensively.

Participants appreciate the concrete tips and real-life examples our trainers use, as well as their shared and current experience. Since all our trainers are currently in employment in their areas of expertise, we ensure that we remain abreast of the latest trends in recruitment. These elements are then included in our material and we regularly draw on our networks to bring headhunters and hiring managers into our panels and live discussions.